Best CRM Data Enrichment Tools [2024]

As the online world accelerates, marketers and salespeople have to act quickly. They need to gather and record contact details along with demographic and behavioral data of their prospects. A CRM with ample data about consumers becomes a backbone of efficiently targeted campaigns, increased conversions, and improved brand loyalty. 

Is there enough data in your CRM system?

That isn’t a trivial question, but CRM lead enrichment can help answer it and advance the customer database. CRM enrichment tools replenish gaps by adding all the necessary details and verifying existing datasets. That way, marketers and sales departments obtain holistic user profiles.

This article unveils superior CRM data enrichment tools and their importance for businesses. Also, you’ll get to know which exact data types could be enriched and how.

Table of contents

  1. What Is CRM Data Enrichment?
  2. CRM Enrichment: Underlying Reasons
  3. Key Data Types for CRM Enrichment
  4. TOP Tools for Lead Data Enrichment
  5. Final Thoughts

What Is CRM Data Enrichment?

Generally, data enrichment stands for appending and enhancing existing data records. CRM data enrichment focuses on the customer base in particular. It complements individual customer and B2B company profiles with new data and verifies the existing details with the help of dedicated CRM data enrichment tools.

Data enrichment by Skyvia

Companies often aim to obtain a 360-degree view of their prospects during the first stages of the customer journey. CRM lead enrichment tools help them get to know their prospects better and provide personalized offers. Such an approach tends to increase engagement, conversion rate, and purchases. 

Lead enrichment for CRM considers the following data types:

  1. Contact data. Takes third-party verified databases that contain industry, actual emails, and other details for CRM contact enrichment.
  2. Demographics data. Includes such information as age, gender, location, etc. of a person.
  3. Transactional data. Contains information about expenses, transactions, and purchases.
  4. Behavioral patterns data. Comes from other online sources used by a company (websites, social media) and shows users’ habits on the internet.

Depending on the actual contents of the customer database, the CRM lead enrichment process includes either all this data or only certain categories. Note that this classification is generic and is more applicable to individual customers. However, you’ll find more detailed info on data types for B2B lead enrichment in the next section.

Here’s an example of the CRM before enrichment.

CRM data

Here’s an example of the CRM after enrichment.

enriched CRM data

CRM Enrichment: Underlying Reasons

CRM data enrichment brings value to multiple departments, but it’s critical for sales and marketing specifically.

Salespeople claim that the significance of accurate data is a key player in sales personalization, lead conversion, and improvement of the initial experience with the brand.

Marketers acknowledge that the first-party data about customers is never enough to gain the expected results. So, they rely on CRM data enrichment to add clarity and details to existing datasets to gain better customer acquisition and retention rates.

Enhancement of Total Customer Experience through Personalization

The amount of information is growing, so it’s worth addressing customers with concise and personalized messages to get noticed. Recent statistics show that 42% of customers might even get frustrated when they receive generic emails or some information that’s of no interest to them. Luckily, CRM lead enrichment allows marketers to tailor personalized offers and improve customer experience with the brand.

Advancements in Lead Account Scoring

Salespeople don’t like to waste their time on processes that are less likely to lead to deals, so they heavily rely on lead account scores for prioritization. CRM lead enrichment improves lead score accuracy, which allows sales professionals to focus on the leads with a high likelihood of conversion.

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Key Data Types for CRM Enrichment

We’ve already introduced some examples of customer data enrichment for CRM. Here, we’d like to talk in detail about B2B lead enrichment.

Contact Data Specific to B2B Enterprises

Unlike companies working with individual customers, B2B enterprises have a much more complex structure. Consequently, they have more departments and more points of contact. For instance, Alstom, a global leader in the transportation sector, has different communication channels for customers, investors, suppliers, media, and talents. In such cases, verified datasets simplify B2B data enrichment as they already contain all the needed information about B2B companies.

Corporate Profile Data

This data type reveals the number of employees, years in the market, industry, financial gains, awards, and ratings. All this helps to estimate the average lead score within the B2B lead enrichment process.

Technographic Data

It contains information about the technology stack, including infrastructure, network, software applications, etc., used by the enterprise. Such data in CRM helps technological companies offer corresponding solutions to their prospective and current clients.

Predictive Purchase Intent Data

Such data advances marketing strategies by providing insights into when clients are ready to make a purchase. Predictive purchase intent data helps marketers anticipate customer needs and perform the right communications at the right time. As a result, it tends to increase in conversion rates.

There are no ready-made datasets with predictive purchase intent data. Companies exploit data warehouses with embedded machine learning algorithms to generate it. To send such predictive purchase data to a CRM, you’ll need data integration tools for that.

TOP Tools for Lead Data Enrichment

In this section, we provide an overview of the top tools that would help you integrate enhanced data into a CRM. Some of them can also load data into a DWH for predicting purchase intent.


Skyvia is a cloud SaaS platform designed for a set of data-related tasks: data integration, workflow automation, query, and backup. It has 170+ pre-made connectors (20+ CRM connectors) to be used in data pipelines. Along with that, G2 ranks Skyvia as the top user-friendly solution due to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Skyvia's connectors

Skyvia offers a range of tools for CRM data enrichment in its Data Integration product:

  • Import. This tool allows businesses to perform CRM lead enrichment by loading data from cloud apps, databases, and CSV files into a customer database. It applies data mapping settings that ensure consistency between the data structures of different sources.
CSV to HubSpot data import by Skyvia
  • Replication. It copies data into a DWH and refreshes it regularly with incremental updates. Then, it’s possible to perform analysis or apply machine learning algorithms (for predictions on purchase intent) inside a data warehouse.
HubSpot to Google BigQuery replication scenario by Skyvia
  • Data Flow + Control Flow. Data Flow enables the creation of complex ETL pipelines with compound data transformations. Control Flow orchestrates the data integration task order, performs pre- or post-integration tasks, and can even handle the error processing logic. This scenario is suitable when several sources supply data for CRM.

Top features

  • Being completely cloud-based, Skyvia doesn’t require any on-site software deployment.
  • A wizard-based solution with a no-code approach is ideal for non-techs.
  • The Monitor tab is included in every scenario to keep track of the integration process.
  • Scheduling parameters for integration ensures regular data updates with no hustle and bustle.
cloud replication by Skyvia


The cost for the Data Integration product starts from $0 for a Free plan and has all the functions for CRM data enrichment. Then, the cost ranges depending on the number of records, schedule integrations, and mapping features involved in enriching a CRM.

Skyvia pricing

If you’re interested in other Skyvia products, check the pricing details here.


Clearbit is a customer intelligence platform designed with marketing and sales teams in mind. This tool gathers data about B2B companies from 250+ generic and proprietary sources and converts it into clearly structured datasets. Businesses can enrich their CRMs with those datasets and outreach to ‘hot leads’.


Top features

  1. Real-time data enrichment and refreshment.
  2. Ample records with 100+ B2B attributes.
  3. Data quality control with ML and AI algorithms.
  4. Integration with CRM and Sales systems.


There’s no fixed pricing model in Clearbit. Contact sales to get the personalized plan.


ZoomInfo is a modern platform that provides business profile data and contacts to companies on a subscription basis. It has four different products, each of which is designed for a certain team: SalesOS, MarketingOS, OperationsOS, and TalentOS.


Top features of MarketingOS

  • Data collection about prospects from abandoned web forms.
  • Email address validation.
  • Company profile records containing 4.9K attributes.
  • Automated outreach campaigns.


The pricing for each unit starts from around $10,000 per year. Contact sales to discover the exact cost for your particular case.


FullContact is an identity resolution company that helps businesses build complete profiles of their customers. It offers several solutions for customer recognition, CRM data enrichment, profile data verification, and other identity-related procedures. All this not only helps to address the right customers in the appropriate way but also to prevent digital fraud.


Top features

  • Unification of the prospect and customer data.
  • Identification of the website visitors.
  • Appending customer and prospect profile data.
  • Verifying personal profiles to identify fraudulent-prone instances.
  • Managing the first-party data.


The price of the solution depends on each individual case.


Lead Genius is a SaaS platform that provides account data sources for a specific region. This includes lead information about individual prospects and B2B companies. As a result, businesses can focus on particular markets and get insights faster.


Top features

  • Powerful verification capabilities that help businesses identify ICP.
  • Marketing strategy shaping for higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Lead data enrichment to determine its potential.


The cost of LeadGenius is crafted individually, so you need to book a demo for details.

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun&Bradstreet is a global company providing commercial data services and analytics. This service is known for its extensive commercial database containing information about various companies from many countries worldwide.

Dun & Bradstreet

Top features

  • Prospect identification and engagement.
  • Data cleansing.
  • Improving compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Risk management.


Has customer prices, so you need to contact sales to get a quote.


Demandbase is a B2B marketing platform that provides an account-based marketing solution. It focuses on targeting and engaging specific accounts, which helps businesses identify their target audience and personalize marketing efforts. It also helps to align the efforts of sales and marketing teams to promote revenue growth.


Top features

  • Automatic identification and prioritization of the most suitable accounts.
  • Integration with CRM systems and marketing automation platforms.
  • Targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Reporting to determine the effectiveness of account-based marketing.


There’s a pricing calculator on the website, which shows the approximate cost of the tool depending on the company’s objectives and accounts to target.


Pipl is a SaaS company providing contact, work, and social information about people to businesses to enrich their CRMs. It also verifies online identities and juxtaposes them to digital ones, which helps in preventing digital crimes. Pipl solution best serves marketing teams and agencies, e-commerce companies, and fraud investigation teams.


Top features

  • More than 5+ billion trusted identities available.
  • Trust score calculation for each user.
  • Fake email and social media accounts detection.
  • Fraudulent transactions unveiling.


Contact Sales for detailed information about pricing.


Segment is a customer data platform (CDP) that gathers customer contact information along with their interactions on the website. This tool includes a dedicated module for data enrichment to help companies append their customer profiles and personalize targeting.


Top features

  • Data collection from various sources, including websites and mobile applications.
  • Unified customer profile creation.
  • Analytics and reporting.


Segment offers a Free plan, a Team plan starting at $120 per month, and a Business plan with custom pricing.

Final Thoughts

CRM data enrichment is crucial for business prosperity and trustful customer relationships. The quality of the enhanced data, though, highly depends on the selected CRM data enrichment tools.

If you want to enrich customer profiles properly, consider Skyvia for that. This service integrates data from first-party sources and third-party enriched databases into your CRM. All this could be done for free or at an affordable cost that corresponds to your data flow and matches your budget!

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