Skyvia Achieves Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery Designation

For many years, Skyvia has offered its clients a convenient and easy way to integrate data within Google Cloud BigQuery with no coding. Since Skyvia is dedicated to delivering top-notch integration solutions, our team has recently received the Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery designation.

Why is Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery designation important for our customers?

By graduating as part of the initiative, Skyvia has proven that its platform meets all operational and compatibility requirements from Google Cloud BigQuery. This designation provides our customers with the assurance that Skyvia operates harmoniously with BigQuery.

Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery is a partner integration validation program that intends to increase customer confidence in partner integrations into BigQuery. During this program, Google Cloud engineering teams validate partner integrations into BigQuery in a three-phase process:

  1. run a series of data integration tests and compare results against benchmarks,
  2. work closely with partners to fill any gaps,
  3. refine documentation for our mutual customers.

Being part of the program, Skyvia gets more opportunities to collaborate closely with Google Cloud partner engineering and BigQuery teams.

“The Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery designation gives customers confidence that solutions have gone through a formal certification process and will deliver the best possible performance with BigQuery,” said Ritika Suri, Director of Technology Partnerships at Google Cloud. “With Skyvia, customers can connect all of their data and metrics with BigQuery to more easily optimize their business performance.”

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Anna Tereshchenko
Anna Tereshchenko
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